John Bell Widespread Panic on Musical Adventures

John Bell Widespread Panic on Musical Adventures

The following excerpt is from Relix interview with Widespread Panic founder John Bell. We agree with John on his assertion that a certain adventurous lifestyle type gravitates toward similar adventurous music.

Thank You John & WSP for keeping it fresh and adventurous for close to 3 decades now.

Regarding the live setting, Bell says he enjoys seeing movement throughout the crowd. While he’s seen a lot of great concerts, he thinks audience participation is generally a little more cerebral with less movement, like a Leonard Cohen show—maybe the best concert he’s ever seen—or a Van Morrison concert. But it’s different at Panic shows, where there’s “that bodily participation that I see on those rare occasions I look out. Usually, my head’s down,” he laughs.

But Bell thinks that there’s a reason why these particular kinds of fans continue to attend Widespread Panic concerts over and over. “Every generation has a certain type of person or a type of people that gravitate toward an adventurous lifestyle, whether it’s the way they do things in their own lives—you know, mountain climbing, skiing, extreme sports. They like adventure; they like surprises,” he says. “And some folks like to experience their music that way, too. Other folks want to come out and have more of a Vegas mentality, they want to come back to hear the same songs, and the same old jokes and get what they’re expecting.”


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