When the uniqueness of a place sings to us like a melody, then we will know, at last, what it means to be at home.

– Paul Gruchow

I felt like I had been looking for this place … my whole life.

– Their Eyes Were Watching God (TV movie)

A place for everything, everything in its place.

– Benjamin Franklin


Look around for a place to sow a few seeds.

– Henry Van Dyke


A place where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed.

– Robert Green Ingersoll


I go to the hills when my heart is lonely.

– The Sound of Music (movie song lyrics)


Wild and distant places speak to many who find in them opportunities to engage in the spiritual practices of wonder and gratitude.

– Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat


If you want a place in the sun, you’ve got to put up with a few blisters.

– Abigail Van Buren


We act like we know it all. You know — and I’ve got it all together … But we don’t know what is going on half the time. We’re scared to death …(of) not finding it … our place … I mean, I’ve had moments — and I knew that there was no other place that I should be — but those are moments and then they go.

– Living Out Loud (movie)





A city is a place where there is no need to wait for next week to get the answer to a question, to taste the food of any country, to find new voices to listen to and familiar ones to listen to again.

– Margaret Mead


It was a good place for getting lost in, a city no one ever knew, a city explored from the neutral heart outward, until after many years, it defined itself into a jumble of clearings separated by stretches of the unknown, through which the narrowest of paths had been cut.

– V. S. Naipaul


Country living is my ideal — a small parish where I might do some good — keep chickens, give very short sermons.

– Sense & Sensibility (movie)


All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air, with one enormous chair …

– My Fair Lady (movie song lyrics)

Specific Places

The greatest escape I ever made was when I left Appleton, Wisconsin.

– Harry Houdini


The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

– Mark Twain


New York in the Spring. It would be a shame to miss that.

– You’ve Got Mail (movie quote)


I wonder what Mona Italy is like. I hope it turns out to be a nice place …. The city is really old. And everyone there thinks violin making inns respectable.

– Whisperer of the Heart (anime movie quote)


A Place Called Home

There are homes you run from, and homes you run to.

– Law Ra Cunning Ham


There’s no place like home.

– The Wizard of Oz


You are really not at home in a place until you have made yourself familiar with how it sounds and resounds.

– Jonathan Ree


Home is the place where, when you have to go there,
They have to take you in.

– Robert Frost

When we walk through our front door, we should be able to leave the stresses and strains of the outside world. A home should provide us with a sanctuary for the soul, a haven for the sense.

– Jane ALexander


A well run home is a microcosm of sanity in a world that is plainly mad. If a home dosen’t make sense, nothing does.

– Henrietta Ripperger


Home, sweet home; sweet to look at, listen to, to touch, smell and taste. The home is our emotional heartland, a place where the rhythm of events is under our control, a potential pleasure zone for our sensuous being.

– Ilse Crawford


All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air, with one enormous chair.

– My Fair Lady (movie)


While airchair travelers dream of going places, traveling armchairs dream of staying put.

– The Accidental Tourist (movie quote)